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Catherine Holden hi-res portrait_edited.

Strategic insight and support for individuals, teams and organisations, founded on extensive experience in leadership roles for major creative institutions.


Can I help you?


  • My practice includes strategic consultancy, training, coaching and facilitation

  • My projects include organisational change, leadership and team development, fundraising, marketing and brand development.

If you would like to discuss an idea or project, or explore how I could help you, please get in touch.

Why work with me?

• multi-disciplinary expertise: I have a strong track record with organisations undergoing significant transformation, including major fundraising campaigns, developing brands and award-winning marketing programmes, digital strategy, capital projects, team building, coaching, organisational vision, strategy and governance. 

• cross-sector knowledge: I have worked with many of the UK’s leading museums, galleries, performing arts and heritage organisations, festivals, membership bodies, sector development agencies, leadership networks and more

• a wealth of experience: working with world-class organisations, as a consultant, advisor, trainer, mentor, coach, senior executive, non-executive director and chair

• I have happy clients: for reviews and recommendations take a look at my testimonials

Why work with me
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