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CHLOG: Chitterlings

Extra bits of CHLOG - for free!

I was brought up to Waste Not, Want Not - a mantra from War Baby parents, back on message in a threatened planet. So here are some bonus bits from the underbelly of the CHLOG. They may be worth cooking up into something. If you've eaten chitterlings you may not agree.



We built a workshop exploring psychological models like facades etc - and the tools of classical marketing training. 


Marketing explores (1) what is true about you (the brand), and (2) what is interesting to that other you (the customer). It's the classic Venn Diagram intersection. So what connects cultural organisation X, to audience member Y? What, amongst all we do and are, is most relevent here? Which, amongst all our 'features', are actually 'benefits'? Who is out there in our constituency, our audience, our visitor-set, our clientele? And what motivates them? What are the stats, and where's the intuition?

I guess it all boils down to a simple question: "How Can I Help You?". For individuals and for organisations, that raises profound and intriguing questions: the evolving complexity of the self or the institution, years of history, the thoughts and feelings of one, or several / several hundred / several thousand, sentient people.

Once you've cracked that, you need to find the best ways of expressing it. Play with words, colours, images, animation. People need to know what you're offering, what you're good at.  how to do that without sounding hideously smug or arrogant (a terrible fear)? 


And finally, concept meets practice: the old project management triangle of time / money / quality. 


Which brings us to this website. My digital build and design skills are limited - so huge thanks to the frankly brilliant software of WIX.COM. Without their invisible army of Californian techies and designers, and the years of work they must have put in, this wouldn't be here now. The shoulders of others. But it's inevitably templated - so inevitably a bit neutral, a bit corporate. I hope it looks professional. I hope you can find what you want. If not, please let me know.

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